Best WordPress plugins for blogs:(2020 Top 10 plugins)

Best WordPress plugins for blogs:(2020 Top 10 plugins)

Best WordPress Plugins for blogs:(2020 Top 10 plugins)

From almost a decade blogging industry is growing rapidly.More & more people coming & sharing their content on internet.As more sites launching every single day blogging is becoming crucial part of any website.You can share valuable info using blogs & it also helps to rank your site better on search engines.

When it comes to blogging, WordPress is one the most popular tool available on internet. In early days of WordPress it was known as a blogging tool and today also it is very popular tool for blogging.Another reason why WordPress is used by wide number of users for blog sites is because it is seo friendly.Here is an article written about Top 7 reasons to choose WordPress for your new website.

Adding different functionality into blog using plugins become very easy. WordPress is having a library of too many plugins.However, it is important that you add best WordPress plugins for blogs.In this article we are sharing 10 best WordPress plugins for blogs.

(1)SEO Yoast


When it comes to blog site seo is must.SEO Yoast is one of the best & most popular plugin for seo optimization.
It is trusted by many site owners It can make your blog site fully seo optimized. Yoast shows you all the
recommendation &correction for making blogs & pages seo friendly.You’ll receive regular alerts about
any issues which require your attention.It is also frequently updated for better upgrades and to be 
with Google algorithms.

Main features of SEO Yoast: 

(1)It allows you to verify your site for most 3 popular search engines Google, Bing & Baidu.

(2)It allows to make different settings for pages, posts, media, categories & tags.

(3)You can avoid duplicate content using canonical URLs.

(4)It checks your post & pages for seo & readability.

(5)It allows you to set focus keyword for blog to rank your blogs or pages for selected keyword.

(2)Updraft Plus


It is very important to have backup of site if anything goes wrong with blog site.Updraft Plus allow to take
full back up including blogs, plugins & themes of your site.You can store backup directly to Dropbox,
Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or compatible), UpdraftVault, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, DreamObjects, Openstack Swift,
and email.You can even restore entire backup whenever you want.

Main features of Updraft Plus:

(1)Automatic backup of your WordPress site

(2)You can store backup of site on different cloud servers

(3)It allows you to duplicate or migrate site using migrator.

(4)It is compatible with multisite installation.

(3) W3 Total Cache


Visitor will leave your site if it takes long time to load your blog site. W3 Total Cache helps reducing site
load time by clearing cache files & minimizing file size which helps site ranking higher on Google.Like
other plugins this is also free plugin.

Main features of W3 Total Cache:

(1)Page, posts, database & server caching.

(2)Minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds

(3)CDN support

(4)Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support

(5)Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support

(4) Login Lockdown


Login lockdown plugin restrict login attempts on site.It helps to protect site from hackers.By default,
a user can try to login into your site with as many incorrect attempts they want.Using plugin like
lockdown can help restrict login attempts to site.It is must use plugin for your blog site.

Main features of Login Lockdown:

(1)It records IP address & timestamp of every failed login attempt.

(2)If more than certain attempt detracted from any IP range it will disable login from that IP range

(3)After 3 failed login attempts it will block IP for 1 hour.This can be modified.

(4)Administrator can locked out IP ranges manually from admin panel.



Akismet is part of WordPress library from long time.But still it is one of the most of important plugin.
This plugin protects your site from spam. You need to install a plugin in WordPress backend, then need
to register on site of Akistmet to get a key & then you need paste that key into settings of Akistmet plugin.
That’s all you need to do to keep away your site from spam.

Main features of  Akismet:

(1)Akismet checks comments & contact form submission & filter out the ones which looks spam.

(2)URLs can be seen in comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links.

(3)Moderators can see number of approved comment for each user.

(6)Wordfence Security


To keep your site away from hackers & brutal force attacks WordPress is having wonderful plugin
called Wordfence security.It will protect your site from any unauthorized attacks & inform you
if any changes to core WordPress code.

Main features of  Wordfence Security:

(1)Protection from brute force attacks by liming login attempts.

(2)Integrated malicious code & content checker.

(3)IP blacklist blocks for requests coming from malicious IPs for protecting site & reducing load.

(4)Wordfence send any security alert via email.

(7)Contact form 7 


Contact form 7 is a free plugin allows you to create form for different purpose.You can create basic inquiry
or contact form with different fields, email sending & captcha functionality.It is most trusted contact form
among users.

Main features of  Contact Form 7:

(1)You can setup multiple forms like contact & inquiry forms for site.

(2)Captcha functionality integrated.

(3)Ajax based form submission available to avoid page refresh.

(4)Third part esp(Email service provider) integration available for checking submission entry.

(5)Integration with Akismet plugin for avoiding spam activities.


Jetpack is one of the featured plugin of WordPress plugin library.This plugin developed by Automattic. Jetpack
plugin helps in malware scanning, spam filtering & brute force attack protection.You can get back up in real time &
it also sends you push notification & email if your website gets down. Jetpack plugin also used by other sites on
large number of basis.

Main features of  Jetpack:

(1)Top Notch security to avoid brute force attack protection and for spam filtering

(2)Managing multiple sites from single dashboard

(3)Lazy loading images functionality for making mobile experience faster

(4)Collection of thousands of themes for site development



If you want to add comments for your blog then Wp Discuz is one of the best plugin for blogs.It allows
your site visitors to comment on your blogs.It comes with lots of exiting features like  enabling &
disabling comments for blogs.You can even sort comments by latest, oldest or most voted comments. If
comments are spammy or abusive you can even delete comments.

Main features of  WpDiscuz:

(1)Integration with social media accounts for commenting

(2)Enabling & disabling of comments

(3)Removing abusive & spam comments.

(10)Google XML Sitemaps


Google XML sitemaps is another useful tools for your blog site.It helps your site to submit XML
sitemap automatically to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…to better index your
site with a special XML sitemap.Sitemap enables search engine bots to view complete structure
of your site & for retrieving results accordingly.

Main features of  Google XML sitemaps

(1)Submitting site to Google, Yahoo & Bing.

(2)Supporting all kind of WordPress pages & custom URLS

(3)Automatic updates sending to search engines after post update.

In conclusion:

I hope you’ll find this article useful.All above are widely used WordPress plugins for blogs. We personally use most of these plugins for our site.If you use these plugins for your blogs sure it will help you in terms of designing, marketing & securing blog.If you have any questions regarding these plugins or want to improve performance of site further using plugins feel free to contact.

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